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We already have a bookkeeper. Can you work with them? What is gained from adding your services?

We provide a number of services that can help support existing bookkeeping staff. Our added value is through our expertise, reliability, and ability to provide additional financial controls.

We can work with your staff and provide high level controller services beyond the scope of your current staffing. We also offer expert financial review and restructuring, provide long term-planning and budgeting expertise, and assist with IRS compliance.

We currently work side by side with in-house bookkeeping staff with several of our clients and are happy to discuss flexible arrangements with you.

I can hire a local bookkeeper at a lower hourly rate. What is the benefit of using Watkins & Raine?

By working with us you get access to an entire accounting department. Our service teams are made up of accountants, bookkeepers,and specialists who service nonprofits just like you.

Another benefit is that small organizations tend to have frequent bookkeeper turnover resulting in inconsistent accounting entries. We use a designated team based service model which provides our clients with reliable and consistent support and knowledge.

How do I know how many hours per month I need to sign up for and can I track the hours you are working?

Your hourly budget is in your control. We have created a Pricing Calculator that you can use to estimate the number of hours you will need each month.

Due to standardization and best practices, we are typically able to minimize the number of hours spent on your finances. Efficiency is our goal.

As for tracking, all of our clients are given access to our client portal which gives them visibility into our service activities and hours.