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Books & Accounting

Improve Your Books to Improve Our World

At Watkins and Raine, we focus on your Bookkeeping and Accounting needs so you can make a difference.

The ability to properly report your financials starts with setting up the correct procedures, and accounting structure. Success requires the discipline to accurately track and authenticate each and every financial transaction completed by your organization.

At Watkins and Raine, we offer solutions that cater to every organization, regardless of size. We’ll make sure that your books have everything present, correct and meet compliance standards.

The Benefit to Your Nonprofit

Team-Based Approach

Our team based approach means you’ll have the benefit of continuous service, augmented internal controls, and years of expertise for your accounts.

Tailor Made Products

We’ll build a team suited to your organization’s accounting needs. Because we possess the knowledge and staff to accommodate a variety of clients, you’ll receive the same level of service no matter your size, small or mid-size.

Solutions Suited to Your Needs

We can be your entire accounting department or we can work alongside your existing staff. Watkins and Raine will ensure that your financial transactions are current, and you’re performing the necessary reconciliations. Our work will allow you to make informed decisions for your business while satisfying internal and external reporting requirements.

On The Money

Simple and affordable, we save our clients 30% on average.

Organization Assistance Tools

Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts acts as a backbone for your finances. We will work with you to establish or improve a chart of accounts for your operation, giving you the foundations for a healthy organization.

Tracking & Reconciliation

We will implement a workflow and approval process for you, and record your receipts, bank statements, invoices, d/earned income or donations into your financial system. In addition, we will reconcile and close your books.

Financial Reporting

We develop the appropriate financial reporting package to provide you with the clarity to make informed decisions.

Audit Prep & Support

Clients that use this system to manage their books throughout the year can enter their audit season with confidence.

Federal & State Filing Services

When we complete your 990, you will avoid losing your exempt status and added IRS expenses.